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Download the www.exchange-rates.com currency converter app for your iPhone

Read more buy and sell rates (bid and ask rates). View exchange-rates.com article about buy and sell rates.

Currency Converter App

Download the currency converter app for your Apple Smartphone. Make currency conversions when mobile. Plus rates are saved so if you lose Internet connection you can used the latest saved exchange rates for the currency calculations.

Exchange Rates

How can I get the best exchange rate?

Should I go to a high street Currency Exchange or convert money online?

Read more buy and sell rates (bid and ask rates). View exchange-rates.com article about buy and sell rates.

What are the currency codes for every currency?

What is the mid-market exchange rate?

What are Major currencies?

What are Minor currencies?

What are Exotic currencies?

Money Transfers

International Money Transfers are available with moneycorp.

When sending money abroad which currency exchange is cheapest? Compare TransferWise with PayPal.

Buying a property abroad

International payments: Sending and receiving money with PayPal

Your IBAN is needed to make an international money transfer. What is an IBAN?

Travel Money

Coming soon... ...after Coronavirus disruption. Click here to view our introduction to travel money and worldwide travel today.

Buy foreign currency from an Airport Currency Exchange

Credit Cards for foreign purchases abroad

Flights, Hotels, Cars and Holidays

Air miles: How do I get air miles? What can I get with air miles?

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How do I arrange a wedding abroad?


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Savings and Investments

When moving abroad how should I manage my money?

Currency conversion to convert a pension

Purchasing Bonds as an investment

Wealth Management: Find the best wealth management company for your money investments

Stocks and Shares

International Stocks and Shares Purchase

Invest in the NASDAQ and find the best US Stockbroker

Invest in the FTSE and find the best UK Stockbroker

Passive or Active investing?

Should I invest in a fund?

Forex Trading

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Business trading in a foreign country.

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